We offer Private Pilot training in both airplanes and helicopters.  With a Private Pilot Certificate you will be able to fly your own aircraft or rental aircraft anywhere you want to go for business, vacation or just fur the fun of it; day or night.  To impove your skills and open up additional flying opportunities you will want to add an Instrument Rating.

You can add an Instrument Rating to your Private Pilot's Certificate or your Commercial Pilot's Certificate.  With an Instrument Rating you will be able fly in weather that would otherwise ground a pilot without one.  Acquiring an Instrument Rating will hone your flying skills and allow you to fly in the national airspace system under Instrument Flight Rules and in Instrument Meteorological Conditions.

Commercial Training will concentrate on improving your flying skills and mastery of the aircraft.  With a Commercial Pilot's Certificate you are able to be compensated for your flying, although there are many restrictions on carrying passengers or cargo for hire.  There are many ways to get compensated for flying immediately after receiving your Commercial Pilot's Certificate; such as banner towing, aerial photography, pipeline inspections, and more.

We provide Multi-Engine training in our own Beech 95 TravelAir or customer owned multi-engine aircraft.  Our TravelAir is a frequently used as a multi-engine trainer with its two 180hp Lycoming engines. Multi-Engine training will add Multi-Engine privilages to your existing Private or Commerical Certificate which will allow you to fly any Multi-Engine airplane certified up to 12,500 pounds of max gross takeoff weight that doesn't require a seperate Type Rating.